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Garrett Moves On From Arizona Ordeal

Jason Garrett's decision-making on Sunday has been the topic of much discussion all week, with most NFL observers believing the Cowboys head coach made all the wrong calls at the end of regulation in a loss to Arizona.

Garrett himself? He's done talking about it. After going over the specifics of the situation with Tony Romo and explaining his thinking to the media on two seperate occasions, the coach just wants to move on.

"We talked about that after the ball game, we talked about it on Monday here, so we're not going to revisit that," Garrett said on Wednesday, when asked once more about the thought process. "We have a 24-hour rule that we stick with around here, and that topic has gotten a lot of conversation, so we're going to leave it within the 24-hour rules and certainly focus on the next challenge, which is the Giants."

On Monday, Garrett was asked whether he instructed Romo to spike the ball to stop the clock, but said he did not have a great answer for the question. Two days later he was offered the chance to clarify, but opted to stick to his guns.

"I'll answer it the same way," Garrett said. "It's a 24-hour rule and we're onto the Giants. We've been on the Giants for a couple days now."

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