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Get Ready, Get Set ...


undrafted dude to the Jaguars is a whole lot different from losing, say, Doug Free, and with these priority guys, you had better not give them reason to engage in wanderlust. Get 'em in, get 'em signed. Certainly the Cowboys also, without breaking the bank, would like to re-sign left guard Kyle Kosier and even safety Gerald Sensabaugh once he realizes there's not a $10 million signing bonus waiting for him out there. If there is, then the Cowboys might need to sign two veteran free-agent safeties. 

After that, getting at least two defensive ends signed also is a must, whether it be Marcus Spears, Stephen Bowen or Jason Hatcher, but again the process could get sticky if another team values these guys more than the Cowboys do - or can from a salary cap standpoint. Then you're out in the market trying to poach someone else's free agent, which can be costly, too. 

After that, and now knowing the salary cap situation and likely having trimmed any necessary veterans, the Cowboys can start all the pie-in-the-sky chasing of veteran free agents. You know, the higher-priced guys that are more luxury than absolute necessity as would be the re-signing of Free or getting at least one defensive end signed - theirs or someone else's. A safety? Sure. A veteran offensive lineman, either tackle or guard-center, depending on what happens with Marc Colombo, whose release would be costly when it comes to proration hitting the salary cap? If possible. Guys like that. 

Then lastly, but not ideally, get those eight draft choices signed. At least you have their rights, so they can't go anywhere, unlike the free agents. But, if you want those guys to contribute as soon as possible, then likewise you need to get them into training camp on time - for sure Tyron Smith if there are designs on the 20-year-old taking over at right tackle. Yeah, remember him? Seems eons ago the Cowboys spent a first-round draft choice on an offensive lineman for the first time since 1981. 

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones, and his right-hand men in the front office, guys like Todd Williams and Adam Prasifka, even general counsel Alec Scheiner, will have their hands full, right along with the scouting department, both college (signing rookie free agents) and pro since veteran free agency will be the rush we've talked about. These guys will be the ones in charge of signing guys and structuring contracts, all the time knowing the salary cap noose - and potentially a more restrictive one - is hanging over their heads. 

This ain't fantasy football, OK, and there is no brother-in-lawing going on in this league. Believe me, cut-throat might take on a deeper meaning, so to speak, if the aforementioned time frame becomes reality.  

So on your marks, get ready ... football is nearly in the air, and likely to arrive with tornadic force. 

But thank goodness, right?

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