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Getting to Know: Rookie FB Olawale Showing Versatility


Name:Jamize OlawalePosition: FullbackHeight/Weight:6-1, 238Age: 23College: North TexasNFL Exp:RookieHow Acquired: FA-'12Hometown:Long Beach, Cal.

Fitting in:Olawale is looking to compete with 2011's seventh round draft pick, Shaun Chapas, for the backup fullback spot, that's if the Cowboys even keep two fullbacks. Eight-year veteran, Lawrence Vickers, will be expected to start at fullback barring any sort of injury.

So Far:In mini-camp and through the first day of training camp Olawale has received his fair share of reps. He will have to take advantage of the full pads practices starting on Wednesday in order to prove to the coaches that he can be a serviceable run blocker.

Best Asset:Olawale has position flexibility and could potentially take handoffs from a one running back set. In one particular rookie minicamp in which the team was short running backs Olawale stepped up and played both back positions.

You Should Know:Olawale and fellow rookie free agent, Lance Dunbar, are two of only a handful of products of the University of North Texas in training camps in the NFL. A Mouthful:Olawale has been taking mentorship from recently acquired free agent, Lawrence Vickers. "I'm learning a lot from Vickers," says Olawale. "After every play he takes me to the sideline and tells me what I need to do. One of the biggest things he tells me is to be calm and controlled and to not rush things."

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