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Giant Start

!Like Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett's head-coaching debut will take place against the Giants.

moments last week against the Packers. Although I think when Newman is healthy, he's always been really good.  

But healthy or not, confident or now, this entire secondary hasn't played well against the Giants. For some reason, Mario Manningham and Steve Smith look like Jerry Rice and John Taylor from those old 49ers teams. Now you've got Hakeem Nicks who is better than both of them. These are good players, but they just light it up against the Cowboys.  

That's why it's going to be tough to stop this team. The Giants run the ball well in the first place. Throw in the fact they'll be facing a defensive line that has a first-time starter and two guys off the street, and it gets scary. 

The Giants throw the ball well, especially against the Cowboys. Throw in the fact that the secondary has been struggling lately and they might not even be 100 percent with Newman battling the rib injury. 

On the other side of the ball, the Cowboys are a mess on the offensive line. Whether or not Tuck meant to call out the Cowboys or not, he is right in his assessment that the Cowboys look confused on the line at times.  

The Giants can make good lines look bad. Wonder what they do with ones that are struggling like this one?  

Don't get me wrong, I still think this overall situation is great for Garrett. It's set up perfectly for him to succeed, and my gut tells me he will do that.  

I'm surprised how many changes we've already seen this week. For a 1-7 team, the mood around here is noticeably different.  

And while I do think those changes will start to translate on the field, this week's opponent might not be a great gauge for that. The Cowboys' problem areas might play right into the Giants' strengths.  

The changes are among us. We can seem them throughout the week. It might just take longer than Sunday afternoon - at 4:15 p.m. - before we start to see them consistently.          

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