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Gut Feeling: Cowboys vs. Dolphins staff predictions


The Cowboys rank second in the NFL in scoring, only behind the Dolphins. The Dolphins are one of the best home teams in the NFL, only behind the Cowboys. But being at home doesn't matter for Dallas in this one, as the Cowboys must find a way to get on track away from home, where they're just 3-4 this season. Here's what the staff writers had to say about Sunday's game against the Dolphins.

Patrik Walker: When the Cowboys lost to the Bills, they gave the Dolphins that much more to play for — the AFC East crown — in Week 16. As if the challenge of halting the Miami offense wasn't daunting enough, the Cowboys have to contend with that tidbit and the fact they can't afford to drop two straight with the NFC East crown (and a top NFC seed) within reach. I initially had this game pegged as a loss for Dallas, but that was before they laid an egg in Buffalo. They've not done that twice in a row under McCarthy since November 2021, and while my gut says Dolphins take this one, history says otherwise. 30-27, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: Usually, it takes me a right up until Friday to come up with the pick, or at least to get the final score. But for some reason, I've had the same feeling about this game all week long, even with the latest injury issues on the offensive line for the Cowboys. Sounds like the Dolphins have their share of problems, too. But I've got the Cowboys finding a way to bounce back, like they have the last two years now. This team just knows how to focus and get ready for the next game, especially after a tough loss. I think the Cowboys will score a lot of points and just keep fending off the Dolphins. It won't be a blowout, but I think we'll see the Cowboys as the better team from start to finish. I've got Dallas 38-28.

Nick Harris: I struggle with having confidence in the Cowboys being able to defend Miami's numerous offensive speed weapons, but I also see an opportunity for CeeDee Lamb to have a big day out of the slot as well. I see this being a high-scoring affair with the last team to have the ball being the winner. Even though the Cowboys answer the call offensively, I think their defense gives up just a bit more. Dolphins, 38-35.

Kyle Youmans: Speed has been the main theme this week. The offensive speed from the Dolphins against the defensive speed from the Cowboys. Both teams possess it, but one team has the advantage in it. The loss in Buffalo will have Dallas ready to go in this one, though it doesn't have that big of an effect on the overall outcome in my eyes. This is a tough matchup and with the injuries Dallas has up front, I don't think they'll adjust enough. If they played ten times, I think Dallas goes 6-4, but this time Miami wins in a tight one, 34-30.

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