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Gut Feeling: Cowboys vs. Panthers staff predictions


The Cowboys head to Carolina this weekend looking to secure their seventh win of the season and their third on the road. The Panthers are 1-8 with their lone win against another Texas team by beating Houston a few weeks ago. Here's what the staff writers had to say about Sunday's game against the Panthers.

Patrik Walker: For a second week in a row, the Cowboys find themselves as sizable favorites heading into a contest, this time against the Panthers, who sit at 1-8 on the season. But don't let the record deceive you. For while Bryce Young and his offense is more or less in shambles — advantage Dallas — the Panthers' defense is more than solid, and that includes owning the sixth-best pass defense in the NFL. Seeing as this is also on the road, where the Cowboys have been less elite this year, I feel this might be a bit closer than some think before it breaks open, because once Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb get going, it's over. 34-10, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: I truly think the Cowboys have learned their lesson in overlooking opponents that are struggling. At least, I'd like to think that's the case. But there's no way they can have that short of a memory to come into this matchup with the 1-8 Panthers and not think about the way things unfolded in Arizona back in Week 3. The difference here is health, considering the Cowboys have their entire offensive line intact and it seems to be playing at a higher level than we've seen all season. I believe the focus is here this week and the Cowboys will take care of business. I don't foresee an absolute blowout, but also don't think it's going to be relatively close. Give me something in between, like *34-16 Cowboys. *

Nick Harris: A couple of things that have been a thorn in the side of the Cowboys in recent years will be present on Sunday: a noon kickoff on the road and a good pass defense that utilizes a lot of zone coverage. I think the Cowboys win comfortably, but it won't be without a little sloppiness and storylines on the other side. Cowboys, 27-13.

Kyle Youmans: I've really enjoyed hearing the mindset from the coaching staff, veterans, and youth of this Cowboys team this week. Fresh off an impressive win in Week 10 over another team with a similar skill level. Despite the opportunity to overlook another lower-level opponent, this team continues to focus inward on themselves and their own to-do list. If that continues into Sunday, I think it'll be a similar result to what we watched last week. Cowboys get it done, 38-17.

Mickey Spagnola: This might not be immediate, but eventuality, the Cowboys win, 38-13. Why is that? The Cowboys at 6-3 are a much better team than Carolina, at 1-8. As for the 38, why when playing creditable teams like the Lions (7-2) and Dolphins (6-3) the Panthers have given up 42 points to each. And in the past three games, the Panthers scored just 15 to beat Houston in their only win of the season (15-13) and but 13 in losses to Indy and the Bears. So why not 13 again. Pretty scientific, don't you think.

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