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Gut Feeling: Dallas has edge in experience & talent


The wait is almost over. The Cowboys have appeared to be a playoff time for most of this entire regular season but all we could do is wait until the postseason arrives, and it's finally here.

The Cowboys are in a great spot as the No. 2 seed, guaranteeing them two home games if they can keep winning. But while they are favorites to beat Green Bay, the Packers enter the plaoffs with three straight wins and have never lost a game in AT&T Stadium, which includes a Super Bowl win. Here's what the staff writers had to say about Sunday's playoff matchup with Green Bay.

Patrik Walker: If the Cowboys play with their food this coming Sunday, they'll regret it. In dissecting both teams, film and metrics alike, this is one of the worst possible matchups the Packers could've drawn in the postseason. The secondary is prone to big plays and Dak Prescott is prone to creating them. The run defense in Green Bay is porous and the Cowboys' rushing attack is thirsty for a big game. Jordan Love is a quality QB, but his inexperience leads him to make mistakes when pressured and forced to throw on the run, and the Cowboys' defense leads the league in pressures. If (key word) McCarthy's group executes well and does away with the penalties, and bottles up Aaron Jones, this one shouldn't be close. 42-17, Cowboys

Nick Eatman: This feels like the slowest week ever. When I was a kid, Christmas would get here faster than this game. All week long, on my podcast "Cowboys StoryLine" it felt like I was running out of ways to describe this game and give it proper analysis. At this point, we all know the Cowboys are a better team with a better record and probably better players from 1-53. Now, they just have to go win the game. There's really nothing else left to say. We know they can't turn the ball over. They can't give up fluky plays like blocked field goals and punts. And when they get down in the red zone, they simply can't settle for field goals. Jordan Love might be inexperienced with a playoff game, but he's played enough games this year to get 30 touchdow passes. And now that Aaron Jones seems to have found a groove in the running game, it could be a lethal combination if the Cowboys keep the Packers hanging around too long. I think it'll be hard-fought game that falls somewhere between a blowout and a nail-biter. Give me the Cowboys, 35-23.

Nick Harris: The Cowboys really couldn't have asked for a better matchup in my eyes for a playoff game on both sides of the ball. Dallas' methodical Texas Coast offense plays right into what the Packers give up defensively and the Cowboys' experience overwhelms what Jordan Love and Green Bay will bring offensively. The biggest concern I have is Aaron Jones and the run he has put together over the last three weeks. He'll get his, but I think the Cowboys offense will be too tough to keep pace with. I think Dallas takes it, 38-24.

Kyle Youmans: Here it is! As fun of a season as it's been for the Cowboys, what they do over the next few weeks will be how this 2023 season is remembered. They match up well against the Packers. On paper, better in all phases and more experienced too. Elements that make the Cowboys heavy favorites but could also motivate a young team trying to make a splash on the biggest stage. I expect Green Bay to put up a fight, Jordan Love and Aaron Jones will both have some success early, but in the end come up short. Dallas should put this one away in front of a rowdy crowd and behind a deeper, more talented roster. Cowboys get the Wild Card win, 37-21

Mickey Spagnola: My gut tells me this game will not be as easy as some think for the Cowboys, too many banking on the Cowboys having homefield advantage at AT&T Stadium where they are 8-0 this season and have won 16 consecutive home games, plus factoring in the disparity in records, the Cowboys 12-5 and the Packers 9-8, the Cowboys the No. 2 seed and the Packers No. 7. But not so fast, don't see this being one of those 35-10 wins at home where the Cowboys have scored 299 points this season at AT&T. The Packers are an improved team since the 2-5 start to the season and are riding a three-game winning streak. Must put their best foot forward to meet my 30-20 victory expectation.

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