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Gut Feeling

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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Eagles


The Cowboys and Eagles are both in the playoffs. Both teams have a chance to improve their seeding but it's unlikely.

Both teams have COVID-19 issues and will probably rest some key players anyway.

Check out what are staff writers think will happen in Saturday's regular-season finale.

Rob Phillips: As of this writing Friday morning, my gut is telling me zilch, to be honest. We're probably not going to see the best from either team because the Cowboys are missing some key players in COVID protocols and the Eagles have their own COVID issues and might rest some starters. The Cowboys have proven to be the better team this season based on record and the Week 3 meeting (a 41-21 win at AT&T Stadium). At full strength, I'd take them. I'll go with Philly based on the unknowns here (how long will the starters play, etc.) and homefield advantage. But I'll go ahead and say this now: I like the Cowboys to win next week's wild card game at home, no matter who they play.

David Helman: Can someone at least tell me who all is going to play, if I'm supposed to make a prediction about it? I honestly have no idea what to expect, but I do think the Cowboys will play more of their starters — and for longer — than the Eagles. Maybe it'll be ugly, but that should be enough to get them a 12th win. Rather than worry about the score, I'm more interested in individual opportunities. I think Kelvin Joseph makes the most of this chance to start by getting his first career interception. I'm also guessing Corey Clement will get a healthy chunk of playing time, and he'll score his first touchdown as a Cowboy against his former team.

Nick Eatman: Prediction? Pain! No, probably not but since we're going back to Philadelphia, why not use a Rocky-theme answer here. That's Mr. T's line in Rocky III and really, the only kind of pain that might occur is from the viewership, especially if you're sitting in the frigid temperatures. I just don't see this game as one that will be fun for the fans. The starters might play, but not for the whole game. I think it's going to be somewhat sloppy and unpredictable. Typically, the Cowboys have done well in these games up in Philly when it doesn't mean much, but something tells me it's not going to happen this team. I think these games mean more to Philadelphia – as a city – and I'm expecting the Eagles will win this unorthodox game, 23-18.

Kyle Youmans: This game, despite both teams being in the playoffs, just doesn't have the same bite that was anticipated when the Cowboys and Eagles meet in the final game of the regular season. However, both teams still have plenty to play for entering their playoff run and are having to game plan without some key pieces. It's not going to be the prettiest of games, it will be sloppy at times and even the starters may not be playing for all of it. But I still think, top to bottom, Dallas is the better team. So, give me the short-handed Cowboys in an ugly one, 23-16.

Mickey Spagnola: With both teams missing key players for COVID reasons, how does anyone have a gut feeling about this final game. I do think the Cowboys nevertheless will play this game to win, to give themselves a chance at potentially improving seeding depending on what takes place on Sunday. Second seed, third seed, better than fourth. Can't even have a gut feeling on Trevon digs breaking Everson Walls' franchise single-season interception record nor Micah Parsons breaking the NFL single-season rookie sack mark. Neither will play in this game. And who knows how many players the Eagles will end up missing. Let's say the Cowboys win since they have more tangible reasons to do so than the Eagles. A score? Seriously? You pick for me.

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