Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Seahawks


The Cowboys haven't started a season 1-2 since 2010, Jason Garrett's first season as head coach.

The Seahawks haven't started 0-3 since 2002, when Russell Wilson was 14 years old.

Which team avoids that scenario in Seattle and gets a critical win Sunday at CenturyLink Field? The staff gives their gut feelings for the 3:25 p.m. (Central) matchup between the Cowboys (1-1) and Seahawks (0-2):

Nick Eatman: I can't remember riding the fence more for a game like I have with this one. I guess when you've seen this team for so long, you can basically convince yourself to believe anything. On one hand, I just don't see Russell Wilson going 0-3. History says Seattle doesn't lose its season opener much, going 14-1 in the last 15 years. History also says the Cowboys don't lose Game 3 very often, also going 14-1 in the last 15 years. While I know I'm the only one who picked against the Cowboys last week, it usually makes me jump to the other side this week. But this is "Gut Feeling." And my gut just doesn't see the Cowboys going up to Seattle and winning, although on paper, they do look like the better team. But that doesn't always lead to a W. While it would be cool to write Russell Wilson has THREE L's in it, I just don't see it this week. Give me Seattle, 16-14.

Rob Phillips: This league is predicated on parity, and I'm a 'law of averages' guy. I believe the Cowboys are capable of going to Seattle and beating this team, particularly the way the defense is playing. I also don't believe the Seahawks are an 0-3 type of football team. Their crowd is always a factor, and the Cowboys' offense simply can't get behind the chains early like it did at Carolina two weeks ago. Communication up front will be critical, and while I think Ezekiel Elliott will get rolling in the run game, my gut says Russell Wilson makes just enough plays in the fourth quarter to win a low-scoring contest.

Lindsay Draper: I guess the reason we call it a gut feeling is because it doesn't have to be logical. That's how I feel right now, because there's a ton of flashing red lights pointing to this tough road matchup. I know most of my colleagues are going with logic today. But I've chosen a win for the third week in a row, and yet this is the most confident I've felt in the face of their toughest test in three weeks. I know. Dallas' overall defense is ranked fourth in the league right now, with a coach named Kris Richard who is returning to CenturyLink with revenge in his plans. Hey, we saw in Week 1, this thing can't be done on defense alone. But the reason they get the dub – I think putting together some drives against New York bred enough confidence within the offense to get the Cowboys through a beaten up Seattle defense on the road. Tough, ugly, low-scoring and surprising road win.

David Helman: This whole thing comes down to trust for me. I was incredibly optimistic when the Cowboys left town for Charlotte in Week 1, as I thought their offense had shown significant signs of growth in the preseason. Reality set in quickly, as they imploded in an absolute horror show of a loss to the Panthers. Two weeks later, how confident are we that this team can overcome the same problems? We know the defense is good, and they should make life difficult on Russell Wilson and a depleted Seahawks offensive line. But can this offense consistently keep the chains moving in the loudest environment in the NFL? Can they play smart, efficient football against the likes of Bobby Wagner and Earl Thomas? I think this is going to be an ugly, defensive slugfest, much like last year's game. At the end of the day, I trust Russell Wilson to find a way to carry his team across the finish line more than I trust the Cowboys' offense. I think Seattle scraps its way to a defensive win – something like 17-13.

Mickey Spagnola: Logically you would say the Cowboys have no shot at going up to Seattle and winning in that place. After all, the Seahawks have won 14 of their last 15 home-openers. And on top of that, the Cowboys don't win much up there at CenturyLink Field. But look, that's history. This is today. The 0-2 Seahawks aren't the same Seahawks of Legion of Boom fame. And these Cowboys aren't as bad as they were in Week 1. They will lean on their defense against an injury-riddled Seattle offensive line to turn the tables up there. Cowboys 24, Seahawks 16, beating them just as they did last time up there in 2014. Book it.

Bryan Broaddus: I don't believe that the Seattle Seahawks are an 0-2 football team, but they are. With being winless comes the desperation of not losing another game. The Cowboys have played well enough defensively to handle what Seattle is about to throw at them. That Seahawks' offense might only be Russell Wilson, but if not careful, that could be good enough. My biggest concern going into this game is, will the Cowboys be good enough offensively to sustain and finish drives? Building a lead is going to be huge because that puts a ton of pressure on the Seahawks, who are offensively challenged, to try and match them. If Seattle gets behind it's over for them, but I don't think that's going to happen. These games always come down to wire, and in this case the most desperate team finds a way to pull out the victory in the end. Russell Wilson is the difference. Seattle, 20 -13.