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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Washington


In a matchup of polar opposites, the Cowboys bring an offense to the game that has produced big numbers, albeit before Dak Prescott's injury. They'll be facing a Washington defense that is the best in the league at guarding the pass.

On the flip side, Washington is one of the worst offenses in the league. The Cowboys have one of the worst defenses.
Something has to give Sunday afternoon at FedEx Field.

The staff gives their 'gut feeling' for this Week 7 matchup:

Rob Phillips: So many questions here that will decide this game. Which team can get off to a better start? (Washington has been outscored 47-14 in the first quarter. The Cowboys have been outscored 57-26 in the first quarter.) Can the defense eliminate huge plays? (Washington has 15 plays over 20 yards this year, but the Cowboys allowed three over 60 yards against Arizona.) And probably the biggest key: Can the offense eliminate turnovers and protect Andy Dalton up front? This is a huge challenge for a banged-up offensive line. I'm taking Dallas because at some point they're due for a cleaner game. (At least I think they're due.) If they take care of that part, they can still be effective in spite of their injuries. But if they don't stop the turnovers, Sunday will probably go like the four losses and we'll be talking about the same exact problems next week.

David Helman: I don't remember the last time I was so unhappy about picking a game. Even after everything that's gone wrong … I hate myself for saying that the Cowboys still look like the better team on paper. Terry McLaurin scares me, but I can't say I trust Kyle Allen to get him the ball on a regular basis. Washington's offense looks completely toothless. Having said that, Washington's greatest strength is easily the Cowboys' greatest weakness. Those guys employ five first-round picks on their defensive front, and the Dallas offensive line is obviously in shambles. Hopefully, Kellen Moore and Andy Dalton spent the week scheming up ways to get rid of the ball quickly. I'm guessing it's going to be hard to do, and that's why I think it's going to be a sloppy, ugly game. I'm thinking there will be a lot of field goals, and four combined turnovers from both teams. At the end of the day, Dallas ekes out a 18-16 win to reclaim their division lead.

Nick Eatman: Right now, it's hard to pick any of these teams to win a game. We saw the Eagles and Giants on Thursday night and none of those teams look like contenders either. But someone has to emerge and it's really on the table for all teams. I'm just not going to pick Washington win this game. Sure, they could beat the Cowboys especially if they get turnovers. But I have a feeling the Cowboys will do JUST ENOUGH to get the job done. This is a place they've won 9 of 12 times. It'll be different without fans but I still believe the offensive line can hold up JUST ENOUGH to squeeze out a few scoring drives. I think this will be a big day for Dalton Schultz. The Cowboys will get JUST ENOUGH stops, and maybe a turnover or two, to get this win. Give me Cowboys 20-19. That seems like the definition of JUST ENOUGH.

Kyle Youmans: In a season so unpredictable, so trying, so mediocre...It would only make sense that the Cowboys would go on the road and lose to an opponent named 'The Football Team.' However, when you look at the matchup, the only area Washington has a clear advantage is when you compare their defensive line to the Cowboys patch work offensive line. Other than that, I still believe that Dallas is the superior team and that they're due for a rebound defensively and especially after Monday's debacle on offense. Despite saying to myself earlier in the week that I would not pick the Cowboys again until they showed me things can change, I just can't pick against them this week. And no doubt about it, I'm ready to be hurt again. Give me the Cowboys in a tight one, 27-21.

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