He Already Catches Eyes

selected him in the 2006 MLB draft and he hadn't played baseball since high school.)

"Quarterback slash receiver slash special teams," Stanback said.

My kind of guy, especially since I'm told he embraced the position of quarterback while at Washington. He understood the responsibility that comes with that job, not only to yourself and your teammates, but the image you project for your school/team.

I'm told he had one of the best interviews at the NFL Combine.

Now the only question about Stanback, and only does not suggest miniscule, are his feet and hands. Yes, feet and hands.

Feet because he currently is six months into an eight-month projected recovery from surgery to repair a Lisfranc injury. So don't have a cow next week when you discover the Cowboys' fourth-round pick didn't participate in the team portion of the mini-camp.

"We need the guy for training camp," said Ireland, well aware Stanback's senior year at Washington ended seven games into the season when that torn ligament in the middle of his foot (Lisfranc joint) suffered while running by his lonesome against Oregon State required surgery. "We don't need him for mini-camp."

Nope, and that's where his hands will come into the equation. Now you would think if the guy is a quarterback and if the Orioles thought he might possibly be able to play professional baseball after a long layoff, the guy must have good hands.

Returning kickoffs with that 10.48 speed is one thing. Kickoffs are fairly easy to catch. Now punts might be another thing, especially since he never returned a one in college, though his kickoff return résumé numbers only eight from his freshman year.

But catching passes is an entirely different deal. Other than workouts, he has 12 of those to show in college - 10 from his freshman year. And catching is just one thing. Catching while getting hit is another thing. So is being able to run routes.

Yeah, well, Matt Jones just made the conversion from college QB to NFL WR. So did Antwaan Randle El. But then, just because they did doesn't mean everyone does.

But let's give the scouting department a little credit. Ireland said Stanback was on the backburner until they put a little highlight tape together, and he remembered the guy playing a little receiver as a freshman for then-Washington quarterback Cody Pickett.

"This certainly is a very interesting project," Ireland said, liking his percentages but knowing this conversion is not a sure thing. "One of my favorite players on the board."

Wait till you see this guy, if you haven't already. I'm telling you, so will you. He's an eye-catcher.

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