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Hidden Handful

!Larry Fitzgerald caught a key 26 yard pass play on 4th and 15th, leading to the game winnning FG.

    • Offsides on Wilson - The Cowboys were desperately in need of a spark, trailing 21-3 midway through the second. That's why the Cowboys elected to go for a fourth-and-2 at the Cardinals' 38. Arizona safety Adrian Wilson was called for being offsides, which prompted Jon Kitna to take a shot with a deep ball that fell incomplete. However, Wilson's penalty gave the Cowboys a much-needed first down and they ended up scoring a touchdown to Jason Witten. However, on that fourth-down heave, Kitna was knocked to the ground, seemingly injuring his knee on the same drive in which he sustained an oblique injury. * Excessive Celebration . . . Again! - Only Marion Barber can mess up his own great play. Back from a calf injury that sidelined him for three games, Barber showed glimpses of the running back from a few years back, especially when he darted through the secondary and carried a defender into the end zone for a 24-yard touchdown to cut the Cardinals' lead to one late in the third. But his excitement got the best of him and he took his helmet off on the field, resulting in a 15-yard penalty. While the Cowboys didn't give up a score on the next possession, it did help Arizona in field position and the next time Dallas got the ball, it started on its own 10. * Pass Ruled Incomplete - So many times this year, we've seen plays reviewed in the booth that are so close to call, it typically goes back to the original call on the field. Initially, the refs signaled the Cowboys' ball when it appeared Bradie James had scooped up an interception before it hit the ground on the ensuing possession after Barber's touchdown. Had the officials kept that call on the field and forced Arizona to challenge, it might not have been overturned, since the replays did show James' hands getting underneath the ball. However, even it was overturned, it would've given the Cowboys another timeout, and another challenge. * Third-Down Pass To Roberts - With the Cardinals up 21-20 and with the ball with eight minutes to play, they converted a key third-and-7 play for 21 yards when Skelton lofted a perfect pass to Andre Roberts, who made a nice catch over Orlando Scandrick. The Cardinals kept moving and settled on a big field goal by Jay Feely, giving Arizona a four-point edge. * Fourth-Down To Larry - This one probably won't get forgotten too much, considering the Cowboys would've won the game had they stopped the Cardinals. With the game on the line, the Cards converted a fourth-and-15 from their own 19 when Skleton found Larry Fitzgerald over the middle for 26 yards. That big play kept the game alive and gave the Cardinals a chance to win it when Jay Feely booted a 48-yard field goal.
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