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Ideal Setup

!Garrett has interviewed for three other head coaching jobs since the 2008 offseason.

Garrett made more sense than any other coach on the staff. The hire on Monday will probably need to stay here for two years. And since Garrett was deemed to be the eventual replacement all along, then you can see why Jerry went this direction.  

That's not to say Garrett wouldn't make a few changes on the staff at the end of the year. But for the most part, the overall philosophy needs to stay the same from this year to next.  

And that leads me to my next point. Having said that, any changes Garrett might have to make right now, he'll have the flexibility to do that. Nobody knows what's going to happen with the CBA. So if Garrett wants to make some physical changes to the team, personnel, schedule - anything for that matter - he'll probably try to do that in these next eight games.  

That's why this isn't your average interim head coaching gig. Usually that guy just tries to keep things afloat to the end of the season. Maybe you win a game or two, but ultimately for that coach, his future has been determined.  

I don't see that being the case here. I see Garrett getting every opportunity to put his stamp on things.  

Let's not forget the ties that are already in place for him. He's got one brother on the coaching staff with John Garrett as the tight ends coach. He's got another brother, Judd, as the director of pro scouting.  

So not only does his head coaching title go a long way, but support on his own staff and the scouting department shouldn't be that hard to collect either.  

Yeah, 1-7 is a tough, tough chore.  

But unlike most interim coaches, he's got a second half of a season to play. We've already seen how things can change in an eight-game period.  

So with an expected supporting cast around him, enough time to make a difference, and expectations so low that it won't take much to improve, not to mention a unique scenario in place for next year that will likely keep him around for more than this year it's hard to think Garrett could've landed a better spot than he did here in Dallas.  

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