Injuries Leaving Little Wiggle Room

Montrae Holland, it would appear James Marten is in a bit of trouble for the 53-man, but eligible for the practice squad since he never was included on a game-day 45-man roster last year.

OK, that's 22.

Now then, six defensive linemen, at least eight linebackers and 10 defensive backs. That's 24.

So now we're up to 46 - eight spots remaining.

All right, now if you're not cutting any of these injured receivers or placing any on injured reserve, you got to keep five of them. And if you are not placing Kyle Kosier (foot) on injured reserve to save a roster spot, knowing he's going to be out likely a minimum of six weeks, then that brings us to 51 - and there, my friends is your wiggle room.


Where you going?

Want a wide receiver? You get one, and the one the Cowboys end up keeping on Saturday, either Danny Amendola or Mike Jefferson, must be better than any receiver with a handful of experience who gets cut on Saturday. Otherwise . . . Danny, Mike, don't buy a house if you make it. And remember, if you have this hankering to go sign a veteran, a minimum of five years in the league, he's yours for the season - or at least his salary is if he takes the one-time guarantee should he get cut later in the season.

One spot remaining.

You want to keep either Erik Walden or Tearrius George, although the head coach made George's Thursday night assault on Vikings quarterbacks seem a flash in the pan? That then would be nine linebackers, because as porous as the Cowboys' special teams can be, they almost must keep Justin Rogers.

Or do you want to keep an extra cornerback, since it would seem the Cowboys would keep six corners and four safeties for the 10-man secondary corps? To me, now that Adam Jones has been reinstated and Terence Newman is back practicing, that means lopping off either Alan Ball or Evan Oglesby. (Ball is practice-squad eligible.)

You're interested in signing last year's special teams captain Keith Davis, released on Wednesday by the Dolphins? That would come at the expense of Courtney Brown, because at this point, down three receivers, one offensive line starter and two linebackers, although Kevin Burnett is scheduled to resume practicing on Wednesday, Davis would be considered a luxury.

Or what about this Rodney Hannah kid? He's shown a little something during the preseason.

And remember all that talk about picking up a third quarterback with some NFL experience? Right. The Cowboys got other fish to fry.

Thus the ultimate juggling act: Immediate need vs. eye to the future.

So at this point, do they keep one more receiver? Two more receivers? One more receiver and one more linebacker? An extra receiver or linebacker and extra DB?

Give me a receiver, and that doesn't necessarily mean one already on campus, plus the best special teams player I can get my hands on, be it an extra linebacker or defensive back. The rest would just be too frivolous for my roster blood.

When you look at it like that, this really isn't too different from where the Cowboys would have been, trying to trim to 53, without Hurd getting injured Thursday night. Fine.

But telling you, just one more injury at wide receiver . . .

And it's back to the windowsill.

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