Injury Bug Bites Newman, Three Other Cowboys

You Should've Seen:
It'll take quite a bit for tight end Rodney Hannah to get noticed with Curtis, Bennett, and starter Jason Witten ahead of him, but the catch he made Monday morning certainly helps. The ball was thrown a little high for Hannah on a crossing route, and the first-year veteran, who spent all of last year on the practice squad, had to jump up to get to it, tipping the ball to himself in midair. He was able to complete the catch while falling to the ground.

Who's Hot:
Evan Oglesby. The third-year corner made a couple of nice plays on the ball, breaking up a pass from backup quarterback Brad Johnson to wide receiver Miles Austin, and netting a leaping interception on a deep pass from quarterback Richard Bartel.

Who's Not:
Richard Bartel. Bartel has not looked sharp today, throwing the aforementioned interception to Oglesby. On another play, he had a miscue with rookie receiver Mark Bradford on a quick out, throwing the ball out toward the sideline while Bradford ran up-field.

Injury Update:
CB Terence Newman (groin)
CB Quincy Butler (hamstring)
LB Justin Rogers (stomach virus)
LB Tearrius George (bone bruise)

Missed Practice:
CB Terence Newman (groin)
CB Quincy Butler (hamstring)
LB Justin Rogers (stomach virus)
LB Tearrius George (bone bruise)

Returned to Practice:

WR Todd Lowber, signed (7/27)
WR Terry Glenn, waived (7/25)
QB Jeff Terrell, signed (7/25)
LB Khari Long, waived (7/24)

Wade's Best:
"Speak up a little. Speak up." - Phillips pulling his shirt out as if he were wearing a wireless mic when asked about Hard Knocks cameramen being all over the field.

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