Jerry Jones Hints At OC Move; Other Notes


FRISCO, Texas – Jerry Jones listens to drive time talk radio, too, as it turns out.

As if anyone needed a reminder that anything can happen with the Dallas Cowboys, the club's owner and general manager made an impromptu call in to 105.3 FM The Fan on Wednesday night, breaking a week's worth of silence about the team's ongoing coaching changes.

At the time, the hosts of "The Ben & Skin Show" were debating the merits of extending the contract of Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, which is due to expire after the 2019 season. More specifically, there was some speculation that Jones might not be around to oversee the end of a lengthy contract extension.

Not surprisingly, that sort of conversation prompted the Cowboys' general manager to call in and ask if there was some medical information he needed to know about.

All jokes aside, though, Jones spoke at length about his coaching staff and explained why the Cowboys have not formalized their hires three weeks after the end of their season.

"Within the staff, we've made several commitments, but the reason that it's not being talked about is not that Jason's on shaky ground or on solid ground," he said. "It's just that we're putting together ideas and didn't necessarily want to make that a featured topic around the Super Bowl."

Garrett did not speak last week at the Pro Bowl, where the Cowboys' staff was coaching the NFC. But Jones did confirm last week at the Senior Bowl that the team had secured a commitment from Jon Kitna – although it remains to be seen what role he will fill.

Kitna was one of three young coaches Jones talked about Wednesday night, along with quarterbacks coach Kellen Moore and newly re-signed offensive line coach Marc Colombo. Jones said he had talked to them as recently as Wednesday, and he emphasized his desire to implement their ideas on his coaching staff in 2019.

"I want their ideas. I want their preference. I want them to yell, I want them to lay in front of the train," he said. "I want them to do everything to get it implemented in what we're doing offensively. I'll assure that'll be the way we handle it. It'll be a collaborative effort."

More so than anyone else, the speculation around the Cowboys has centered around Moore and what his role might be. It's been strongly hinted that the young coach is the favorite to be the Cowboys' offensive coordinator and play caller this coming season, and he appeared to be handling that role last week at the Pro Bowl.

Again, Jones wasn't ready to officialize any roles, but he did strongly hint that could be the case.

"Make no mistake about it: he is going to be a key guy in what play is run on that football field – and by key, probably have the ultimate responsibility," Jones said.

All indications point toward the Cowboys making an announcement about their coaching staff shortly. But if you're paying attention, there's a pretty clear idea of what to expect.

Other Notes

As is usually the case, Jones touched on a variety of topics, including several of his impending free agents and the Cowboys' hopes to reach a ninth Super Bowl.

  • Wide receiver Cole Beasley made headlines last week by tweeting about his impending free agency, saying he wouldn't rule out a return to Dallas but wants an opportunity to make more of an impact. Said Jones: "I love Cole and love what he's about and do appreciate him as far as a weapon to help us win football games."
  • The Cowboys did rebound from a slow start to win the NFC East and reach the divisional round, but Jones emphasized there's "absolutely a complete commitment" to taking the next step. "There's been some speculation that possibly I'm a little satisfied with going down to these Super Bowls without having my team with me, which I'm not," he said.
  • Jones was also asked about the impending contract negotiation with DeMarcus Lawrence, as the Pro Bowl defensive end has declared that the ball is in the Cowboys' hands. It was a sentiment that Jones had no problem with, saying: "No one has given any more, gotten prepared any better and performed any better than DeMarcus has. I'm all for that."
  • As one last bit of housekeeping, Jones was asked about a recent report speculating that Ezekiel Elliott could stage a holdout if his contract isn't reworked this offseason. Elliott is coming off his second Pro Bowl and is eligible to re-negotiate his contract for the first time. Asked for his thoughts on the matter, Jones was dismissive: "I wouldn't respond to it. It's like saying 'What are we going to do if, the first game, there's an earthquake here in Dallas or a snowstorm? What do you do?' We don't get into that, because that adds credibility to something that isn't a thought under any basis."