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Jerry Jones: Re-Structuring Witten's Contract Not About Roster Moves

FRISCO, Texas – The Cowboys freed up some salary cap space earlier this week, but don't count on any upcoming roster moves because of it.

Team owner/general manager Jerry Jones confirmed to 105.3 FM The Fan that the Cowboys re-worked Jason Witten's contract this week. The restructure reportedly converts $5.5 million of Witten's $6.5 million salary into a signing bonus, freeing up a few million in cap space.

Despite that, Jones said the restructure was more of a book keeping measure than a decision geared toward roster moves, as he said he doesn't see any trades or free agency acquisitions on the horizon.

"No, I don't see that. Anything's possible, but that's certainly not the reason for making any contract adjustments," he said. "It's really bonusing up what is being paid on a paragraph 5 basis, which is the current year. It's really bonusing it up and pushing it out a little bit, dining a little bit on the credit card. But we got all of that figured in and have had it figured in for years."

-- David Helman

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