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Jerry Jones Updates Cowboys' Injury Concerns After Week 16 Win

ARLINGTON, Texas – Playing to win didn't come without consequences, it seems – though none of them seemed too severe for the Cowboys.

Several players left the 42-21 win against the Lions with injuries on Monday night. Most notable among them was Tyron Smith, who spent the last few minutes of the fourth quarter on the bench with a wrap around his right knee.

To hear it from team owner/general manager Jerry Jones, however, it shouldn't be too troubling for the All-Pro left tackle.

"He's fine," Jones said. "He told me after that he was fine – the trainers did too."

The Cowboys will surely further evaluate Smith, but this has been a theme for him this season. The sixth-year veteran has spent most of the season on the injury report, as has repeatedly battled back and knee injuries.

Smith lasted until the fourth quarter, but other key pieces left earlier in the evening. Anthony Brown took a blow to the head covering a kickoff return in the first quarter, and he did not return.

Jones did not want to elaborate on the situation, but he didn't seem overly concerned.

"I got a little update on it, but I won't get into it right now," he said. "It's not definitive enough for me to talk about. But my gut is that it won't limit him."

That seems to be a trend for the night – a rash of injuries, though none of them appear to be serious. Jones also said he thought that Terrell McClain, who left the game with an ankle injury, could have returned had he needed to.

All these situations bear monitoring, as the Cowboys will want to make sure their injury concerns are squared away heading into the postseason. But it has to be encouraging to know that, not only do the Cowboys have a bye week in the playoffs, they also have the luxury of sitting their injured players in Week 17 if need be.


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