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Jerry "Would Walk To NY" For Another 2nd

To land Morris Claiborne, a defender they consider "elite," the Cowboys had to move up from the 14th overall pick. Though the trusty old trade value chart would suggest they bought pick No. 6 at a bit of a discount, the team acknowledges that losing a second-round pick hurts.

In addition to the 14th pick, which the Rams used to select LSU's Michael Brockers, St. Louis now owns No. 45th overall, the additional choice they got from Dallas.

"Don't get me wrong," Jerry Jones said. "I would walk from here to New York to get that second pick back. But I would not walk if I had to give the player back.

"It was a deal that was very, very, very acceptable to us, and there's no free lunch here, but I think we invested wisely here with that second pick."

The Cowboys' next pick will come late Friday at No. 81 overall, the 18th selection in round three. Though they have two fourth-rounders, the team may not have enough ammunition to move back into the second round without giving up some priority picks in 2013.

Still, the team isn't ruling out the possibility of buying another second-rounder.

"We may, right off the bat, be in a lot of action if we decided to try to create something there," Jones said. "There's going to be some players there that we'd like to have, obviously.

"We've got a lot of draft ahead of us," Jones said.

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