Late Lunch

**, Nick Eatman answered a few that didn't make the air.

Nick: You're right, the offense seems to work more efficiently with no-huddle and at the end of halves, but it's not something you can always do. If you have a three-and-out, your defense is right back on the field again and probably not as effective. Now there is a big difference between hurry-up and no-huddle. The Cowboys use the no-huddle a lot, but it doesn't mean it's a fast-break tempo. I think the no-huddle is something we're seeing a lot more in the NFL and keeps the quarterback more in charge of the personnel and the play-calling.

Nick: I think the jury is definitely out on him, whether it's just to be a backup to Romo or even a potential starter one day. The question is where do you get this backup QB? I'd say maybe the middle rounds once again like you did with McGee, but this time get a guy that doesn't need to completely rework his mechanics and is maybe someone who ran more of a pro-style offense.

Nick: That's a tough question. With guys out there like Laurent Robinson, Abram Elam, Anthony Spencer, Keith Brooking, Mat McBriar and Bradie James to name a few, it'll be an interesting offseason. I think Spencer is the key player in this equation. While he hasn't been as productive as you'd like from a first-round pick, he might be better than anything else you can get. Remember, you have to decide on him long before the draft rolls around. Robinson and McBriar will probably be targeted to return, but they might want to test their market value as well.

Nick: Can't disagree with you there. Hudson Houck said last week the "running game coordinator" was just a title and he had no different duties last year. I'm not sure what Jimmy Robinson does as the "assistant head coach" either. I think that's the way it goes sometimes in the league. It's good for coaches to have these titles when they're going for other jobs and maybe it's a way to justify the fact that Callahan turned down an offer to remain the Jets' offensive line coach.

Nick: Not sure there is one good answer here. It's not really broken in a lot of areas, but there are tons of cracks. I think the way it gets fixed more than any other is through the draft. This team just hasn't been as fortunate in landing mid-round players to come in and start. I know it's not easy to get a fifth-round pick to start, but yes, it happens. For the most part, the Cowboys have struggled to get consistent help through the draft, including 2009 when they had 12 picks and don't have a real starter to show for it.

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