Let's Get Juiced

  •   Trade way up, maybe as high as No. 10, to grab a potentially-dropping Adrian Peterson, who may well not be as high on some boards as many of the outsiders think since teams have known about his just recently-reported collarbone complications.  * Trade up reasonably high, maybe into the mid-teens to select all-purpose player Ted

Ginn, not necessarily as a pure wide receiver as you might want, but as a player who could add a speed dimension to this team catching the ball, being handed the ball and on special teams, and who knows, as an emergency defender since he did play some corner his freshman year at Ohio State. Although, there seems to be some concern over if the foot injury he suffered this past season hasn't sufficiently healed yet. 

Or, trade right out of the first round, and Jones has said he already has two offers to do so that would net him a first-round pick for the 2008 draft. Now wouldn't that be something, head into the 2008 draft with two firsts, which would be enough ammo to bundle for just about anything, including this running back they know just a little about - Arkansas' Darren McFadden, who some insist should have won the Heisman this season. Or, hey, what if, and gosh I hate to even say this since we've waited so long, what if Tony Romo isn't the real deal at quarterback and you come to that conclusion this year? Then you got two firsts next year for quarterback bait.   

So to me, the worst thing the Cowboys can do come Saturday is go into this draft thinking, this here is exactly what we are doing. They can't do that, because they just don't know. 

They have to be on their toes like never before. They got to be prepared and ready to react. Adjust. Head-fake left and go right. Reverse field. Just got the feeling there will be little calm in the war room, knowing every move in the top 10 might affect what they want to do, what they can do and what they will have to do. 

OK, let's go. Hold your cards tight, but at eye level at all times. 

Let's just go get that "juice." 

Be it this year or next.                                   

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