Let's Not Get Carried Away

around from sideline to sideline like Romo or even Jay Cutler.

But guess what, he never could. Johnson has always been a guy who checks the ball down, dumps it off to his backs, tight ends or even the receivers underneath. He can get the ball deep if he needs to, but it won't be on every play.

Gunslinger, he's not. Never has been. But somehow he's managed to stick around for 15 seasons doing something right. Somehow he managed to wind up in two Pro Bowls and lead his team to a Super Bowl in 2002. And somehow, at the age of 38, Johnson managed to turn the Vikings season around in 2005. He took over a 2-5 squad and led the Vikings to six straight wins and back into the playoff picture.

So Johnson can win games, but just happens to have a different style than Romo.

And remember this part, too. Don't forget about the Cowboys' offensive coordinator. If the Cowboys are forced to call on Johnson for a game or two, or maybe even five or six during the season, the entire game plan will need an overhaul. But who better to do that than Jason Garrett, a guy that knows a thing or two about changing a game plan to fit the quarterback's needs?

You think Garrett could do all of the things Troy Aikman did? Not even close.

But somehow the Cowboys found a way to utilize Garrett's strengths when they were needed.

So trust that Garrett, and even quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson, would comprise a game plan that fitted Johnson just fine. We can't just go by what we've seen at practice, especially when most of those plays have been designed for an offense run by Romo.

And before everyone starts jumping on the Matt Moore bandwagon, let's wait and see him play the rest of the preseason. He might not get the opportunity, but personally, I'd rather see him complete a few passes against a first-team defense, or even a second-team D, before I'm ready to push Johnson out the door and let him back up Romo.

Again, all of this is hypothetical. If the Cowboys and the fans had their way, the backup quarterback would do nothing but hold for field goals and extra points and maybe take a few meaningless snaps in the fourth quarter.

But if he has to play, give me Johnson. And those 15 years of experience.

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