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Like It Or Not

! Williams and Bryant say there is no animosity over pad-gate.

could learn from him. Aww, what a guy, right? That's a tough standard to uphold for an entire career, probably impossible, actually.  

Maybe it's wrong to ask Bryant to be anyone other than himself. We know he's not perfect, but so far he's only conditioned us to expect as much. 

So no, this isn't a big deal. It's the third day of camp, and it'll be more or less forgotten by the time we get back to Dallas. But it's part of the Dez the Diva narrative which is going to be continued in newspapers, blogs and on television into perpetuity.  

If he wants to avoid those stories, he's going to have to be conscious of the fact they're basically unavoidable and do whatever he can to limit the damage. 

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