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Line Play

!The offensive line has shown remarkable improvement in the last two games.

I think it's safe to assume Free is the Cowboys' left tackle of the future. Now figuring out the future of the rest of the line is somewhat tricky. It wasn't so hard to wonder a few weeks ago. Back then it seemed clear the Cowboys needed to revamp just about the whole line. But if the line play continues here in the last six games, then they may not be in that bad of shape.  

Now, before you start screaming at me - I know the age of the line. I know no one gets any younger and so, therefore, those 31-year-olds who are starting this year, will be aging 32-year-olds next season.  

This line does need to get younger. The Cowboys should address the position in the draft or free agency, if not both. But how this group plays the rest of the way might depend where and how they acquire some help.  

Maybe they're not forced to take an offensive tackle in the first round. Maybe they don't have to get an interior lineman in the second round, which still may not be a bad idea.  

A lot of it will depend on the offseason decisions the Cowboys have to make, like the decision to re-sign Kyle Kosier, who is unrestricted after this year.  

There are tough choices to make across the line, even with Free, who will be up for a new contract as well.  

Decisions still need to be made, but if the line plays continues like this over the rest of the season, the Cowboys might not be so desperate up front after all.      

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