Mailbag: Address WR Rotation? Frederick Update


What's the latest with Travis Frederick? Is he going to be ready before Week 8, and if not, why not put him on IR?


Bryan: Jason Garrett said he's doing things in the weight room, so that's a positive sign, but there still appears to be a lot of ground he will have to cover before he returns. I'd treat the roster spot like a rookie offensive lineman who doesn't play. Until you're forced to make a move, there is no reason to take him off the active roster.

Rob: There's still no set timetable. On Wednesday, Jason Garrett said Frederick is working out on his own and moving around better. He's been around the team every day. I understand what he means to the offensive line, but really the most important thing right now is that he gets healthy.


Would it be better to establish a starting group of receivers rather than the constant mix and match currently used?


Bryan: I think so. Find your best four and go play these games. Create ways to get them the ball and see if that helps the overall production of the quarterback.

Rob: Going primarily with 3-4 on game day might be helpful to Dak Prescott. Just my opinion. He's already trying to build a rapport with four new receivers. Find the ones he's most comfortable with and the ones who are most productive.