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Nick Harris

Mailbag: Bringing An Edge Back To The OL?


When asked about new offensive line coach Mike Solari, Zack Martin recently said, "I think the biggest thing is bringing that edge back to our offensive line." What does he mean by that? Playing with a little more of a nasty streak? I didn't realize there had been a problem. – Ronald Hernandez/Pasadena, TX

Nick Harris: This quote also stood out to me during the Reliant Home Run Derby media access a few weeks back, but as I looked deeper into it, I don't think the story there is as juicy as it may seem. Any offensive lineman in the building right now will tell you that Mike Solari brings energy every time he walks in the room, similar to how Mike McCarthy brings a his own presence to the locker room. Having a fresh face in the room always allows for an energy switch and a dynamic change, and when that happens in a positive manner, it doesn't always mean that what preceded it was negative. There are veteran presences in that room that will be hall-of-famers (yes, plural), so the room coaches itself to an extent. What Solari brings is a fresh presence and a new perspective into a room that probably needed it at this point in time. Think of it as more of what Solari has brought, not about what was missing.

Mickey: Now I don't think there was a problem on the offensive line last year, other than health issues, losing Tyron Smith for 13 games, Terence Stele for the final four regular season games and half of a fifth, along with both playoff games, Tyler Biadasz for that final game of the regular season, Jason Peters for three games and Connor McGovern for two games. But I must say from what I remember of Mike Solari his first time around with the Cowboys as an assistant back in 1987-88, he was a pretty fiery and energetic coach. I imagine he hasn't changed his ways over the past 35 years, so a stark contrast to the more subdued Joe Philbin. Pretty old school. Maybe that's was Zack meant, a stark contract from Marc Colombo, younger, but old school ways.

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