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Mailbag: Positions Of Need On The Roster?


With the depth at so many positions going into training camp roster battles, do you see the Cowboys trading any of their down roster players instead of cutting? What position would you want to add depth to at cut-downs if we could flip players with a team instead of trading for a pick? - LANDON CABELL

Bryan: Teams are always calling during camp about trading for players. The best time to do this is before the third preseason game to give them a chance to look at the player. You get better value here. I could see them looking at quarterbacks in case Cooper Rush or Mike White don't work out.

Rob: You know the roster's in good shape when backup quarterback seems to be the popular pick for biggest need. No doubt there are talented players on this team who won't make the 53 because of a numbers crunch. But I always say this, and unfortunately it's a fact of the NFL: Just when you think you've got depth, injuries happen. We've got to see how things play out through most, if not all of preseason.


How have the Cowboys handled the loss of two major members of their scouting department to the Raiders? I think this was a major loss to the organization. - JACK KERFOOT / PORTLAND, OR

Bryan: I think you being a little dramatic here. Walter Juliff and Jim Abrams are good scouts and their opportunity was too good to pass up, but this group will be just fine. If they lose Will McClay (vice president of player personnel) then you need to start to worry.

Rob: As good as McClay is as a talent evaluator in the scouting department, he's also excellent at surrounding himself with good people. The Cowboys have made additions to replace Juliff and Abrams, and they've also got young scouts in-house with a bright future.