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Mailbag: Surprised By The Wait This Week?


Are you guys surprised we still haven't heard anything definitive about head coach Jason Garrett's future with the team? Why or why not? Thanks. – JOE COOK / JACKSON, MS

Nick: Yes, I'm a little surprised that it's Friday and there hasn't been an announcement. But then again, I don't know why because I've seen this before. When the Cowboys don't have to make a quick decision, they usually don't. For some reason, people seem to forget that Garrett's contract is running out soon. This doesn't have to be a "You're Fired" situation. But I also think the Cowboys were thinking – perhaps still thinking – about the possibility of bringing him back. Who knows where they stand with that. My gut is that a change will be made, but you just never know. What I will say is that I wouldn't read too much into the delay, one way or another.

Rob: I'm not really surprised, to be honest. If the Cowboys had made the playoffs, this situation would have been delayed by at least a week anyway. Clearly they don't feel rushed here. I always felt like Jerry and Stephen would sit down this week and take a big-picture view of everything before making a final decision. Think about how much time they've invested in Coach Garrett over the last 13 years, going back to 2007 when he was hired as a first-time offensive coordinator. He has been a major voice in their day-to-day operations all these years. That's why this is a delicate situation. Again, there has been no confirmation either way, and I still don't have a feel for when we'll get official word of their plans.

Happy News Years! I know this was a frustrating season, but what will be your favorite lasting memory of the 2019 Cowboys? For me, it has to be Jason Witten and Sean Lee, two all-time favorites, still making big plays late in their careers. Thoughts? - ADAM SMITH / ROCKFORD, IL

Nick: Happy New Year to you as well. Yeah, there were some great highlights this year, at least on the individual level. Whether it was Amari Cooper's spinning touchdown against the Packers, or getting his feet inbounds twice in that game against the Vikings, or like you said, Witten's unbelievable catch against the Rams, there were some great moments. Let's not forget Gallup's hat trick of touchdowns last week as well or even Dak's stiff-arm in the open field. Undoubtedly, the 2019 season will be remembered as an 8-8 finish that led to possible changes. But the highlight reel of plays would be as good as just about any other. In a way, that's probably why it's even more frustrating. 

Rob: I think this question deserves two answers because this season was such a rollercoaster. The best moment might have been Sean Lee's interception against the Rams and Dak Prescott saying afterward it was the most excited he's been about a play in his entire football career. Speaks to what Lee has meant to his teammates over the years. The most difficult moment might have been the Buffalo loss. They had just lost an opportunity to steal a rare victory in New England in terrible weather, and four days later they just didn't have an answer at home. Things continued to trend down from there.