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Making The Switch

demeanor. He's got an efficient, compact, quick release that delivers a tight spiral. His best pass is the short-to-intermediate one, but he's capable of hanging one deep. He's not as tall and his poise is to be developed, as he will force his will on a play to try to make it work (both an asset and a liability). He will salvage some plays because of his mobility, but that too, on occasion, can be a detriment to the team's production. He can and will run. 

Tom Landry preached the more you know about and understand offense, the better defensive mind you'll have.  

He also preached the more you know about and understand defense, the better offensive mind you'll have.  

So, I am convinced that these two polar-opposite, highly-respected, Hall-of-Fame coaches both would have come to the same conclusion. One coach would have an outward show of emotion when announcing the change and one would harness it until he reaches the friendly confines of his home. 

Which quarterback would be the toughest to defense? 

Tony Romo.                                           

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