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Mini-Camp Leftovers

Parcells sees a little of Mark Bavaro in "Ant-knee," at least from a pass-catching aspect. "I don't know if he blocks as well," Parcells said . . . .  

From the Observation Dept.: That rookie free agent Demetrius Summers, here over the weekend on a tryout basis, sure looked the part at 5-11, 214. Appeared to be a speedy thumper. He might get a shot if he's matured and put his marijuana problems from South Carolina behind him . . . . Bobby Carpenter moves really well for a linebacker - forward, backward and sideways. He's also pretty personable, and must have a head on his shoulders if he's graduating from Ohio State with a degree in business economics . . . . Not to overdo this Jason Hatcher deal, but without even knowing what number he was wearing in Friday's first practice, it wasn't hard looking at the defensive linemen in pre-practice drills and saying, "That must be Hatcher." . . . Offensive tackle Pat McQuistan has a well-proportioned 314 pounds. No big heavy gut hanging out. More like one of those raw-boned mountain men . . . . The linebacker from Virginia, Kai Parham, sure looks the part of an inside guy, but is a tad stiff . . . .  

And just to change things up a bit, you guys will get the last word. This comes from Sam Bennett of Ernest, Pa., saying, "Why is it every time I see Bobby Carpenter's number or jersey on this website it's No. 54. I thought that number belonged to my childhood hero the "Manster." You're right, it once did belong to Randy White. Now it's Carpenter's. Did you realize two years ago Keith O'Neil wore No. 54 and Darren Hambrick before him, and there wasn't this uproar that seems to be taking place now? . . . . Seems Andrew Smith of Dallas has his panties in a wad since I gave the Cowboys a solid B, maybe a B-plus in the draft. "You are such a homer and company man it's pathetic. I come to this site to get insight, not someone preaching the company line. Go out on a limb every once in a while, disagree with something. I read just about every draft grade out there, and the consensus was a B-. They made some bad picks." Well, guess I was way off with the B, B-plus. So if you are going to make disparaging statements, at least enlighten me with who were the "bad picks." And so in your books disagreeing and possibly being wrong is better in your eyes than agreeing and being right? 

But then I said you guys would have the last word. Sorry.                                  

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