Moss Destruction

!Moss stunned the Cowboys with two fourth-quarter touchdowns in a 2005 upset over Dallas.

So if you stick Newman on Moss all day, it means Jenkins has Galloway, too. Either way, I think the Cowboys have the advantage. 

That's why I don't really see the Cowboys doing a lot of spy-coverage for this game. In any scenario, whether it's Jenkins on Moss or Newman on Galloway, or even Scandrick on Armstrong, the Cowboys have the edge. 

That's not saying the Redskins won't win some as well. They've got speed and they've got Donovan McNabb, who is still crafty in the pocket (we think) and can throw a nice deep ball. The Redskins will win some battles and it's likely that Moss will get most of them.  

But the Cowboys should be in good shape to control him, with a pair of cover corners that would rival any other starting duo in the league.  

However, if for any reason, Moss shakes loose like he has done in the past it could be another chapter in his storied Cowboys-destroying history.          

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