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Never Too Early For Greatness

doesn't really feel the need to talk about it. He knows if it's true, someone else will say it for him.  

Hopefully that will start to happen more and more.  

Regardless of whether Witten is finally considered among the NFL's best tight ends, it's not too early to put him in the conversation among the Cowboys greats.  

Now this is a subject Witten is a little more comfortable with, though not because he isn't humble when it comes to his own team. But he's not as uneasy when asked about becoming one of the best tight ends in Cowboys history.  

Over the last few years, Witten has developed a good friendship with former Cowboys great Jay Novacek, who even came down to training camp this summer in San Antonio and provided tips for Witten and the tight ends.  

Witten said he watched Novacek as a kid growing up and could remember how important he was to the Cowboys' three Super Bowl teams of the 1990's. So to be considered in the same breath as Novacek is still a big deal to Witten, despite the fact that he's already broken most of Novacek's records and is getting to close to all of them.  

Although he's only 25 years old, Witten appreciates any mentioning that he might very well be the best tight end in Cowboys history.  

"It'd be special to me, especially with who is up there with Jay, Doug Cosbie, Billy Joe DuPree, the guys that are really up there," Witten said. "But to me, to be considered alongside with Jay, it's just really special because I know what he meant to this organization and what he did for this team."  

Well, Witten is doing the same for this year's team, too, although we know this team isn't quite there just yet. They certainly haven't found the next Emmitt Smith. They sort of have a Michael Irvin, although he's not a homegrown product. And while they may have just given out a Troy-Aikman-like contract, they don't have their Troy Aikman either.  

But they do have a Jay Novacek, if not better already. In fact, Jason Witten is better than just about every tight end in the NFL.  

Regardless of what you might find in a magazine.           

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