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No Change Needed

!Marion Barber is the Cowboys' sixth all-time leading rusher with 3,984 career yards.

Barber. He's more proven than Choice and when Barber is healthy he's the better of the two backs.  

Best outside runner: It's Jones, without a question. No reason to debate.  

Best short-yardage back: Still Barber. Talk about the Chargers game if you'd like. But without a push up front, Choice or Jones probably aren't scoring either. Barber has a nose for the goal line, scoring 43 touchdowns in five years.  

Best blocker: Barber ... easy.  

Best pass-catcher: This one is getting closer now with Jones improving a lot in the offseason. But in terms of game experience, it still goes to Barber. Felix might run better routes, but really, how many times are we going to see the back actually run a route. The bulk of the pass catching from the backs occurs out of the backfield and because of experience, the edge goes to Barber.  

Best chance for home runs: Umm ... Felix.  

Best Razorback formation Back: Choice. Haven't seen the others do it, so let's go with Tashard. And I didn't want him to get shut out.  

Ok, now I'm sure there are people who disagree with some of these categories. That's fine. But any way you slice it, it's pretty close. And Barber will still win his fare share of these.  

Let's also throw in the fact that he has showed up here at camp in the best shape of his career. Yeah, he's about six to 10 pounds lighter, but one of the strength coaches told me he's a lot stronger, too. So you factor in he's lost those pounds and still added muscle, that's quite a transformation.  

And it shows here in camp. He's noticeably leaner, quicker and at times, faster.  

Add all of that up, factor in that he was the starter last season, and I'm not sure how, or why you would replace him right now.   vWhen we get into the season and it becomes clear as day that Jones needs and deserves more carries, then I'd be all for making a change. Until then, Barber is still the guy. And for now, it's deserved.  

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