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No Day At The Beach

need more tickets to the game." 

But how about having played his college ball at Arkansas State, and after a six-year playing career in the CFL, got his first coaching job back at Arkansas State under, yes, Larry Lacewell. 

"That's how I started to learn about coaching and paying attention to detail," Meeks said. "A very good coach to work for."   


Colts assistant head coach/quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell wasn't even aware the Cowboys were interviewing Mike Singletary on Tuesday, but the one-time minority candidate for the Arizona job was glad to hear the Cowboys were interviewing the Hall of Fame linebacker. 

"Mike's a well qualified individual," said Caldwell, who has worked with Dungy the past six seasons, one in Tampa Bay and five in Indy. "The Rooney Rule was put in place to at least get some guys interviewed." 

Caldwell said he would be interested in the Cowboys' gig, but that his focus is on Sunday's game, and understands thoroughly why coaches on Super Bowl staffs are prevented from interviewing for head coaching jobs after the first playoff weekend. 

Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera also said he'd be interested in the Cowboys' job, but that he fully understood why he might not have a chance since he too is coaching in the Super Bowl. In fact, neither seems to feel they are getting shafted because of the tradeoff. They are coaching in the Super Bowl.   


Not sure if this counts as a bit, but if it's all about attention seeking, then I must humbly say, Miss TV-Azteca from the Mexico City station was Tuesday's winner, hands down. Think Spanish TV soap operas. 

Just have a feeling she wasn't a University of Missouri journalism school graduate, let's say. 

Oh, runner-up goes to Televisa. Must be the water, no?   


Peyton Manning tells the story from back in 1980, when he was not quite four-years old, how Archie and mom Olivia took him to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, and how he had disappeared from them on Waikiki Beach for "three hours." 

His parents were frantic. 

But not to worry. A smiling Peyton safely returns with Walter Payton carrying him on his shoulders. He had been out on a Catamaran with the Hall of Fame running back the entire time.   


Oh speaking of Tank Johnson, you know, the Bears defensive tackle arrested for a third time in 18 months on "six misdemeanor counts of unlawful possession of a weapon without a Firearm Owner's Identification card." The same guy judicial officials in Chicago's Cook County have allowed to leave the state to participate in his work here this week. 

Well, when asked if the media coverage of his troubles have been overblown, he said, and believe me, I do quote, "I would say. But it's the job of you guys to hype the hot story. Unfortunately, I was the story that gave you guys the ammunition to write about me." 

Please tell me that's a typo on this official NFL Super Bowl quote sheet. He didn't use the word ammunition?   


On a lighter note, Archie Manning never had a winning season during his career with the Saints, his best an 8-8 year in 1978 when he was selected the NFC's Offensive Player of the Year and Pro Bowl quarterback after the Saints' first non-losing season. 

So you can imagine how hard it's been for him to watch son Peyton's teams struggle in the playoffs, and while he attended the AFC Championship game in Indy, he couldn't bear to watch the final two minutes. He figured he had Tivo-ed the game, and would watch the ending when he got home. 

One problem. The Tivo ran out. There was no two-minute drive for the winning touchdown in the 38-34 Indy victory when he got home. Wouldn't you know it.   


Here's a come down. Last year you might remember me bragging about getting thumped in the chest by Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr when he was making a point about Troy Aikman's Hall of Fame candidacy. 

Well Tuesday, some spare TV guy forcibly straight-armed

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