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No-Nnam Defense

!Asomugha will turn 30 on July 6.

to re-sign someone likes Kyle Kosier, Marcus Spears, Stephen Bowen or Gerald Sensabaugh, much less go after other guys such as Michael Huff or Cullen Jenkins.  

Someone out there is thinking, "Yeah, but if they get Asomugha, that would make Lissemore and Church not as big of a concern" or Shaun Ellis and Abe Elam, or whatever the cheaper attempt to fix these positions would be. And they've got a new coordinator, Rob Ryan here to get the most out of these guys in a way that Wade Phillips could not. 

Well, Ryan's defense, consisting really of Asomugha and a bunch of spares, did not always work so well in Oakland. The Raiders were 30th in total defense Ryan's first year there in 2004, 27th in '05, all the way up to third in '06, but back to 22nd in '07 and 27th in '08. 

Someone out there is thinking, "Yeah, but the talent Ryan has here in Dallas and the talent around Asomugha would be much greater than in Oakland."  

Well, would it?  

Having to go cheap at so many positions would make the Cowboys' defense a lot more Raider-like than we currently think of them, which is probably overrated anyway since they just surrendered the most points in franchise history. 

That alone should suggest it will take more than one player to fix this defense. By signing Asomugha, there's a very good chance the Cowboys would have to ignore some serious concerns at other positions.  

They can't afford that this time.         

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