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Nobody Has The Answers

record above .500 to go down this season. Wow, wait a second. Maybe that's not a "who cares." That's kind of a big deal. Even the hapless Seahawks have nine wins.  

But the point is, five of these NFC teams should be featured at halftime of a Monday Night game . . . JACKED UP.  

They've got all some kind of problems as we enter the playoffs. The other team, Philly, they've had their share of dilemmas too and might not be completely free of them just two months later.  

So it's anyone's guess right now.  

We have our hunches.  

Personally, this league is so upside down that it's becoming popular to just expect the unexpected.  

And I'm not just talking about a Cowboys win, or even the Giants getting one either. It's how you win.  

Who knows? Maybe these playoffs will see the Cowboys shut down an offense, perhaps even shutting someone out. (OK, that's extreme, but would it completely shock you if the Seahawks scored only 10 points this weekend? Not me.  

Maybe the Giants actually play as a team.  

Maybe Terrell Owens and Jeremy Shockey do less talking and more playing this weekend. 

Maybe Rex Grossman turns into a real quarterback right before our eyes here in the playoffs.  

Maybe Jeff Garcia reverts back to his Cleveland Browns days.  

Maybe the Saints revert back to, well, the Saints.  

That's what these playoffs have become. A bunch of words like "maybe," and "possibly" and "perhaps."  

Because that's the only way you can describe the NFC these days is a conference filled with uncertainty.  

So all this being said, I've got a prediction. I think the Cowboys just can't be this bad. They're just better than what they've showed recently. Maybe all they need is to get back on the road.  

The weather won't be great, expected to be in the 40's with rain - a shocker for Seattle. But the Cowboys still overcome the elements, the crowd and even a suspect defense.  

Let's go with: Cowboys 20, Seahawks 10.  

Because as we've already seen so many times this year, this NFL is just backwards. When it looks left, it's actually right. When it looks up, it's actually way down.  

When a team looks out of it, they're actually right in the thick of things.  

So when this Cowboys defense looks bad, it's actually . . . well, let's just say they'll be good enough come Saturday.                              

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