Nothing We Expected

that's why they lost by nine, but they were a more-than-worthy opponent.

I'll have to admit, I've always been one a little late to the party. A little with technology - just got me an iPod the other day - and still don't know what HD really looks like.

And judging this Cowboys team, yes, a little tardy, too. Because I didn't exactly see the same problems after the Bengals game. The signs were obviously starting to form that the offense was struggling to get Terrell Owens the ball. And the defense wasn't getting to the quarterback consistently and getting teams off the field.

We saw the team take a two-hour nap in the middle of the game and let the Bengals right back in it.

So the signs were there.

And they came out for the entire world to see the next week in Arizona, and then of course, St. Louis, too.

Again, signs or not, it's surprising.

We didn't think we'd see the Cowboys start and end a game giving up special-teams touchdowns. We didn't think Terrell Owens could have just 25 catches in seven games and not have a 100-yard outing nearly halfway through the season.

We didn't think the Cowboys would have just two interceptions in seven games and only one by a defensive back.

We didn't think the Cowboys would let a back, even one as talented as Steven Jackson, rumble for 160 yards.

I'm sure I left out a few more of those.

The fact is, the Cowboys aren't the team we figured them to be. And they know it right now. Doesn't mean it can't change. It doesn't mean the Cowboys don't have plenty of time to get this thing corrected.

But for now, seven games into the season, the Cowboys certainly aren't what we thought they were.

If they're going to take most of the blame, make sure we all take some, too.

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