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On Any Given Sunday . . .

!No one gave the Cowboys much of a chance to win on the road against Manning and Co.

certainty, and that's part of what makes it great.  

Without a peek at the new schedule, one thing I can assure fans is another brutal December that includes primetime games and a couple of division battles, probably one against Philly. Let's face it: the Cowboys equal ratings. 

No matter who they play, the best teams are mentally tough and careful with the ball. For eight games we saw a more resilient group under Jason Garrett that also improved its turnover ratio from minus-10 to plus-10. 

Do that, do the best they can to improve the roster's depth and ability to win at the lines of scrimmage (offensive and defensive), and the Cowboys do have a good chance to bounce back from a disastrous 2010. 

But it won't be because they're getting an "easier" schedule. 

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