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Opportunity Knocks

!Hoping to grab a backup safety spot, Danny McCray stepped up last Sunday night against Cincinnati.

to 40-50 plays as a senior. 

"The more I can do, the more I can prove, the more they put me out there, the better chance I'll have to stick around," he says. 

He gets it, too. 

So do other guys like Robert Brewster, the redshirt tackle who missed the 2009 season with a torn pectoral muscle. He'll be the second-team left tackle with Alex Barron (ankle) sitting out Thursday. Heard from a couple places that Brewster impressed the staff playing both sides against Cincinnati. Wasn't always pretty, but to keep perspective, he hadn't played a game in pads since the GMAC Bowl for Ball State on Jan. 6, 2009. 

There's inside linebacker Leon Williams, a former starter in Cleveland who's making the most of another NFL chance after spending the 2009 season with the UFL's New York Sentinels. Second-round pick Sean Lee (quad) will be held out as a precaution again. More chances for Williams. 

Still, there are others. Farr. Jamar Wall. David Buehler. Josh Brent. Travis Bright. Phil Costa. Barry Church. Manuel Johnson. Jesse Holley. 

Watch for all of them Thursday, and remember Romo's divine play nearly six years to the day. 

Every play counts.   

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