Owens: No Added Pressure Despite Lofty Expectation

OWENS: You know what, if it ever becomes an opportunity where it comes into play, then yeah. But at this time, I'm really not focused on any type of records. I'm a long ways away from that record. Jerry will always be No. 1 to me and No. 1 in my heart. That's a guy that I definitely patterned an aspect of my game around. He's been a great instrument for me, since I've been in San Francisco and playing my years there. I've always admired him from afar even when he left. The things I've done on the football field I can definitely contribute, just being around that guy and watching him play, and kind of picking his play from time to time, from the practice times and the games.
So, records are meant to be broken and some point and time, I'm 60-something touchdowns away, if I can score 20 touchdowns a year, then that'd be great, but I really don't think that's possible. But hey, anything is possible when you're dealing with me. I just going to go out and play hard and the thing for me is to focus on football and try to bring a championship to Dallas.

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