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Pacman Interrupts Jerry's Pregame Interview; Trade Compliments

It's been almost eight years since Pacman Jones has played for the Cowboys, but the veteran cornerback hasn't forgotten who took a chance on him.

Jones, who had been involved in numerous off-the-field incidents including a one-year suspension that ended his time with the Tennessee Titans, will always be fond of Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones and the organization that signed him in 2008.

Jerry Jones was interrupted by the Bengals corner while doing an on-field pregame interview with radio sideline reporter Kristi Scales. The Cowboys owner played along, welcoming him and referring to him as one of the players he is most proud of.

"Thank you," Pacman responded. "I didn't understand what he was telling me when I was here, but I sure understand the big picture afterwards. So, I'm thankful for everything he did for me."

Pacman managed to revive his career in Cincinnati and even played in his first Pro Bowl in 2015. During his time in Dallas he developed an important relationship with Jerry Jones' longtime assistant Marilyn Love, and claimed before the game that they have talked on the phone once a week since he left the Cowboys.

"The first person I saw when I got here was Marilyn," he said. "We broke down in tears."

The Cowboys' owner concluded with a glowing statement of the formerly troubled defensive back.

"I want him to hear me say this. He has bright line inside him, burning in him big," Jones said of Pacman. "He's one of the smartest guys I've ever met in the NFL. But more importantly, the NFL today has him talk to all of the rookies that come into the NFL tell them about his experiences and how they can save themselves some pain if they listen to what he has to say. And, boy, I'm telling you. I'm proud of Adam Jones."

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