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Pepsi Goes One-On-One With Ware

What was it like preparing for the NFL Combine, NFL Draft and your rookie season in the NFL? Coming from a smaller school (Troy University), did you feel that you had more to prove?
Ware: I looked upon the NFL Combine and Draft as part of the job. It was a continuing process from the start of college games where I was determined to work very hard. Since I came from a smaller school, I felt that I needed to work harder than the rest of the players. I was determined to reach my ideal weight and showcase my skills.

First memory of the Dallas Cowboys?
Ware: During the NFL Combine, Coach Parcells came up to me and said, "I don't like orange Gatorade." In one of our first team practices with the Cowboys, a veteran player came up to me and told me to bring over this orange Gatorade to Coach Parcells. I remembered that he did not like orange Gatorade and refused to bring him the drink. Coach Parcells was proud that I listened when he spoke to me.

How did it feel to run out on the field for the first time?
Ware: Running out onto the field for the first time was very nerve-wracking. I would be going up against new opponents and felt that the competition would be much better.

What's the biggest difference playing in the NFL compared to college football?
Ware: As a linebacker in college, I simply rushed the quarterback trying to record as many sacks as possible. In the NFL, I now have to study my opponents on a weekly basis, trying to exploit their flaws.

If you were not a football player, what do you think you'd be doing?
Ware: I feel that I would be working in the Information Systems field being that IS was my major in college.

One thing you want all fans to know about you?
Ware: I am a really determined person and am willing to give everything I have at all times.

Most embarrassing football moment?
Ware: At Troy State University, I was able to overpower my opponents in most instances. In the NFL, my opponents are bigger and stronger and it was weird to be knocked down to the floor.

Mentor growing up?
Ware: One of my biggest mentors is Osi Umenyiora of the New York Giants. I played with Osi at Troy State and am happy to see how successful he has been in the NFL.

Name one player other than a current teammate you wish you had the opportunity to play with?
Ware: I wish I could play with Dwight Freeney of the Indianapolis Colts. I love his playing style and enjoy watching him play.

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