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    • Dallas Cameron Jordan, DE, California- If this scenario occurs, best believe the Cowboys will be looking to find a trade partner and someone who desperately wants one of these quarterbacks. But if it doesn't happen at all, and the Cowboys must take the best available player, then I'm going with Jordan. Sure he plays a defensive end in a 3-4 scheme, but he's a disruptive force that would seemingly make a difference on any defense. If you have to pick here, then make sure you get a good player and Jordan fits the bill. * Dallas (From Washington) Julio Jones, WR, Alabama - Need pick? Not really. Value pick? Without a doubt. For whatever reason, if the Cowboys are sitting here in the 10th pick (and it'd probably be something much more complex than trading one spot down with your division rival), they would have to consider this guy. Yeah, you've got Dez, Miles and Roy. But if you're really trying to get better as a team, you can't overlook talent like this. * Dallas (From Houston) J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin - For some reason, this just seems to be a better spot to take a 3-4 end like this. This position isn't one that always plays three downs, but if you're taking him this high, he would have to be an exception to the rule. The Cowboys need some beef inside with a strong motor and Watt is supposed to have both. * Dallas (From Minnesota) Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College - This might actually be a more NFL-ready player than Tyron Smith. Castonzo is a four-year starter in a good football conference. And he'd be one that could likely come right in and play at right tackle, assuming, of course, that the Cowboys decide to part ways with Marc Colombo, who ironically is another former Boston College standout. * Dallas (From Detroit) Mike Pouncey, C/G, Florida - This is a very high pick to take an interior lineman. And maybe teams will fall into that trap, thinking this Pouncey brother will be as good, or maybe better, than his brother Maurkice, who was a Pro Bowler as a rookie. But it's also a strong need for the Cowboys. This team needs not only quality offensive linemen, but versatile ones as well. Pouncey can play both spots inside. The good thing is that Andre Gurode can, too. So if the team is eventually looking to slide Gurode out to guard, then Pouncey would be a good fit here. * Dallas (From St. Louis) Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska - By this point, fans would probably be going crazy about not taking one of those quarterbacks, but you have to stick to the board. For this pick, Amukamara makes more sense. While I've said all along that I don't see CB to be as pressing of a need as others, this isn't a bad spot to take somewhat of a risk. While you know Amukamara can play corner, maybe there's a chance he could eventually develop into a safety, a position

that actually looks to be a better fit. At this spot, I'd take him and play him where he fits the best.

  1. Dallas (From Miami) Nate Solder, OT, Colorado - He's a lot like Castonzo in the fact that Solder could play right away on the right side. Eventually, he could slide back to the left. But he's a big kid, with a body frame that could likely put on some good pounds. Looking at him, Solder almost seems more like a big, blocking tight end. But that means he's got good feet and he has the look of someone who will develop into a really good player.
  2. Dallas (From Jacksonville) Aldon Smith, OLB, Missouri - Right in the middle of the first round, any position is worth addressing. Smith is considered to be a pure pass-rusher and any team can use those. Whatever happens with Anthony Spencer, having a guy like Smith in the fold couldn't hurt. There are other needs, but this would certainly fall into the "best-available" category. So there you have it - these are the players that could be available if and when the Cowboys move down from that No. 9 spot.

Again, this is just my opinion. Everybody has one on what this team actually has and what they need.

Next week, we'll look at picks No. 17 to No. 24. For those scenarios, it's right in between the Cowboys trading down pretty far from No. 9, moving up rather high from their second-round selection at No. 40, or maybe getting another first-round pick this year by sending away next year's No. 1.

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