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!A scenario that could involve the Cowboys getting Auburn's Cam Newton, albeit rather unlikely.

doesn't have the same wear and tear that most players his age would have.

22. Dallas (From Indianapolis)

Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama - No, the Cowboys don't need to take a running back that high. But if a Heisman Trophy winner who has excelled against the best conference in the land for the last three years - and reminds you of that one guy named Emmitt - is available then maybe you make an exception at No. 22. Running back isn't a huge need if he can't play special teams this year, but Ingram, at this spot, would be worth the pick.

23. Dallas (From Philadelphia)

Cam Newton, QB, Auburn - Since we're talking hypothetically anyway, the likelihood of the Cowboys and Eagles trading first-round picks is rather slim. But if the Cowboys are sitting at No. 23, and Cam Newton is on the board, this is where Jerry Jones starts to get antsy and takes the talented "wow" player. Obviously, for Newton to be around at this point, it would probably mean that something negative has happened, either an incident or some information has been leaked. Don't count on any of that to happen. But since we're doing this draft, we might as well come up with the best possible scenario for Newton to join the Cowboys, and him being around at No. 23 and the Cowboys somehow trading with the Eagles, seems to be the right fit.

24. Dallas (From New Orleans)

Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina - Back to reality. The Cowboys need some beef inside and if Austin is sitting there at this pick, the defensive line would get quite an upgrade. Austin is a hole-plugger in the middle with a bulky frame that is hard to move. You might not see a ton of pass-rush, but in a 3-4 scheme, he should be able to stand his ground. Bigger than Brent, Austin would be a perfect complement to Ratliff.

So there you have it. These are the players that could be available if and when the Cowboys move way down from that No. 9 spot.

Again, this is just my opinion. Everybody has one on what this team actually has and what they need.

Next week, we'll look at picks No. 24 to No. 32. For those scenarios, it's likely the Cowboys would be moving up from their No. 40 selection. That would mean a draft pick has already been made, so things change a little when you're picking the second player off the board.

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