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Phillips Has Issue With Celebration Penalty

Wade Phillips said Monday he will inquire to the league about the validity of Sunday's costly excessive celebration flag against tackle Marc Colombo.

"Actually Stephen Jones is on the competition committee," Phillips said. "So we're going to get some of the things clarified as to what was and wasn't penalties in our ball game, but it doesn't help us now."

Phillips said he thought the 15-yard penalty, enforced on the ensuing kickoff, was the biggest factor in Marc Mariani's 73-yard return to set up a quick touchdown.

The league's more rigid definition of excessive celebration has been around since 2006. Players are not supposed to use the football or any other object as a prop, include teammates in any kind of choreographed routine, or fall to the ground.

And, ever since 2006, it has been enforced inconsistently. Phillips says he didn't agree with the call against his right tackle, who fell after chest-bumping Jason Witten.

"I thought it was bad when they took it out of college football," Phillips said. "I don't think you can take emotion out of the game. Now you can take the wrong kind of emotion, by getting in a track stance or signing with a pen or something like that. (Colombo) is excited about doing it, he said 'Coach, I fell down.'"

There is an exception made for players going to the ground to genuflect or pray. Phillips said Colombo had better pray if it happens again.

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