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Phillips: Thank You For Eight Great Years

I guess I'll back into this with a roster-related segway, because for the last eight years football has been the only subject I've written about in this space. Maybe golf, too, when arguing for Tony Romo's constitutional right to a hobby.

You've heard me say/write that the Cowboys are on solid footing with Jason Garrett as head coach and with the moves made in the last 12 months to clean up their salary cap. Doesn't mean they'll win a Super Bowl this year, but they'll be a competitive group once again.

You guys are in good hands at, too.

After nearly a decade here at Valley Ranch, I've decided to make another step in my career beginning in mid-July, this time outside the sports industry. And I'm taking a quick second to thank all of you for reading, listening and watching over the years -- not just my face-for-radio, but all the work done by this talented, hard-working crew:

Mickey and Derek, who took a chance on me; Nick, who I've worked literally a yard from since 2004; Josh, who joined the family in 2007; and Ed, Lindsay and Bryan, all great additions since multimedia wizards Alan and Jeremy moved on last year. Our Broadcasting, Publications, Marketing and Social Media departments are fantastic teammates, too.

Special thanks to Media Relations and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as well. Three years writing the swimsuit calendar show? Seriously, could a guy ask for anything more?

This is a special place, but you guys know that. It's why you're so passionate about America's Team. Just know that it's full of special people, including a group that I'm thankful to have worked alongside for many years with many, many memories.

Thank you again, and enjoy the seasons ahead.


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