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Plenty Of Veteran WRs Still Available As Free Agents

It remains to be seen what will come of Dez Bryant's recent run-in with the law, but any manner of outcomes are on the table, and one of them is the possibility of a suspension from the league or the Cowboys themselves.

If Bryant only has to miss a game or two, the Cowboys may not have to react with a roster move. But, as Wednesday's mailbag answers suggest, it's certainly become more likely that the team is in the market for a veteran wide receiver than it was last week.

It's one thing for a Kevin Ogletree, Andre Holmes or Cole Beasley to be the No. 3 receiver, and entirely another for one of them to need to step in as the starter.

Luckily for the Cowboys, if they do feel the need to go after a veteran, there are plenty of capable ones still available.

It's highly unlikely that the Cowboys would pursue a player like Terrell Owens or Plaxico Burress, but what about guys like Greg Camarillo, Mark Clayton, Mike Williams or Mike Sims-Walker.

And hey, Roy Williams is looking for work, too.

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