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Position Series: Only One Big D-Line Change

Roster Breakdown:
Jay Ratliff- No longer the team's best keep secret. The NFL took notice last year and now Ratliff is a real-deal Pro Bowl player.
Marcus Spears- Had a good season in 2008 but his position will rarely garner attractive stats. Let's see if a contract season makes a difference.
Igor Olshansky - The Cowboys think Olshansky is just as good as Chris Canty, but a better value. His experience in this defense should help.
Jason Hatcher - Probably not pushing for a starting job, but he gets plenty of snaps. Don't forget his contract is nearing the end, too.
Stephen Bowen - Keeps making the most of his limited opportunities. He might get more playing time in 2009 because he can play two spots.
Junior Siavii - Hasn't played in a NFL game since 2006, but the Cowboys liked what they saw last year and he's got a real chance to stick around this year.
Marcus Dixon - Making huge strides from a year ago. Looks the part of a defensive lineman now. The coaches, and more importantly the owner, keep talking about him.
Tim Anderson - Out of football last year, he was the last guy that could afford a summer injury. He'll need to make up ground quickly.
Jonas Seawright - Came to the Cowboys later in the off-season; Might be tough to land a roster spot, but the practice squad could be a possibility.
Derreck Robinson - A big-body player with some experience, but he will also have hard time getting practice reps, much less action in preseason games.

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