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Q&A Session

!Buehler begins his first season kicking field goals for the Cowboys

On kicking on the smaller, portable field goal posts in practice:
Buehler: The concept is aim small, miss small. If my target's nine feet wide, as opposed to the regular 18-footers, that's forcing me to be better. It's forcing me to be more accurate. When I get out there, I'm used to seeing those nine-footers, I see those 18-footers, I feel like I can't miss. It's kind of a psychological game as well. Me and Chris (Boniol) have worked hard about establishing a routine. I changed my routine up completely from last year. I kind of adopted some of his stuff, and he's helped me a lot with that.

On getting roughly six kicks in practice:
Buehler: Chris's philosophy is one-for-one. I know I have six kicks, but I've got to focus independently on the one ahead of me. In the game, you don't get a second chance. Here, if I miss I'm able to come back and rebound, so it's different in that aspect. But I've still got going that one-for-one mentality.

On if missing in practice gets you angry:
Buehler: I get frustrated. I get real frustrated. I demand perfection from myself. I'm the hardest critic on myself. I miss one ball, I'm upset with myself. I get upset after the period if I miss one. I've got to stay poised and relaxed and come back and drain the next one.

On confidence level from last season to this season:
Buehler: My confidence has gotten even better. I knew my duties coming in kicking field goals. A big thing about kicking field goals is having confidence. I was more confident going into OTAs once I was doing well, more confident now in training camp.

On playing in tough conditions:
Buehler: You're kicking in ideal conditions in the stadium. You'll get out there, and I'll have to kick in the cold, and I'll have to kick in the wind. There are some kicks that are harder than other ones. That's why I'll go out before the game and establish a range and play off the wind.

On making kicks:
Buehler: I want to make every single one. That's my goal. Just as every single kickoff I want to hit a touchback.

On the Cowboys' Hall of Fame game against Cincinnati:
Buehler: I'm definitely stoked. I'm anxious to get out there and be in a game-like scenario. I try to put myself in a game-like scenario here in practice, but you can only do so much until you're actually there and you go out and kick individually.

On if you have something to prove:
Buehler: I feel like I have everything to prove. I've got a job to win.

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