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Quinn Excited To Play Opposite D-Law & Tyron 


FRISCO, Texas – For a player who has nearly 70 career sacks, has made the Pro Bowl twice and has flirted with a 20-sack season in his career, it's not easy to find a spot to get bigger and better.

However, Robert Quinn seems to think he has found that place here with the Cowboys.

"The statement everyone says that everything is 'bigger in Texas' is pretty much living up to it," Quinn said on Monday after officially signing his contract with the Cowboys. "It's a great facility. From the players and coaches, everyone has welcomed me from Day 1."

Quinn, who was traded by the Dolphins last week, had one year remaining on his deal. The defensive end and the Cowboys reworked the final season of his contract, but Quinn can still earn close to $10 million in 2019 based off incentives.

A two-time Pro Bowler, Quinn once had 19 sacks in a season with the Rams in 2013. Last year with the Dolphins, he had 6.5 sacks and has never had fewer than 4.5 sacks in his eight seasons in the league.

Right now, Quinn is less focused on specific numbers and has a more generic goal.

"I'm trying to come in and be as positive as possible, make as many plays as possible," Quinn said. "We all have standards as players and individuals. As an older guy, I'll try to give what knowledge I do have to the younger guys and try to help them become better players, and better people, which is also a huge part."

Quinn, who will wear No. 58 for the Cowboys, said he noticed a sign on the wall and a T-shirt with a familiar motto.

"I just need to do my job, as they say," Quinn said. "Sack the quarterback, tackles for loss and just play football."

Quinn acknowledged his excitement to play for defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli and his 4-3 scheme. He also seems excited to play opposite of DeMarcus Lawrence.

"I'm glad he likes to play the left side," Quinn said of Lawrence. "I think with him coming into his own and knowing the capability that he has, as a younger player, he can only get better. From what I hear and see, he's getting better and better. I'm excited to get to work with a guy like Lawrence and the whole Hot Boyz group and just fit in where I can."

Quinn also acknowledged that getting better doesn't just start in the games. He knows facing All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith in practice every day will only make him better.

"How does the saying go? Iron sharpens iron," Quinn said. "If you're going up against the best tackle in the game every day, it can only make you better. He's been making his mark, and hopefully he can make me a little better, too."